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Национальная премия «Культурное наследие»

Awarding the National Award “Cultural Heritage”

On April 25th, 2007, the award ceremony of the National Award “Cultural Heritage” took place at the President Hotel in Moscow.

The creative team under the guidance of Ludmila Shaposhnikova, the First Vice President of the International Center of the Roerichs, Director General of the Museum named after Nicholas Roerich, President of the Charitable Foundation named after Helena Roerich, became the winner of the National Award “Cultural Heritage” in the nomination “Restorer”. The prize was awarded to Ludmila Shaposhnikova for outstanding service in the organization and implementation of the restoration of the Lopukhins’ Estate, the landmark of the 18th-19th centuries architecture, which also houses the Public Museum named after Nicholas Roerich.

The prize was awarded by the National Foundation “Revival of the Russian Estate” with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Media of the Russian Federation. The winners were presented with memorable diplomas and valuable prizes.