Министр культуры России А.А. Авдеев

ALEXANDER AVDEEV: This is an important spiritual center that brings the ideas of goodness and justice to the world

Dear Lyudmila! Your whole life is connected with culture. The range of your creative abilities is unusually high. You are known and valued as a talented historian, writer, photo artist, script writer and profound philosopher. But the main cause of your life was the preservation, research and popularization of the priceless artistic and cultural heritage of the Roerich family, thinkers and devotees who dedicated themselves to Culture with a capital
Награждение орденом «За заслуги перед Отечеством» Людмилы Васильевны Шапошниковой

Awarding the Order of Merit IV grade to Lyudmila V. Shaposhnikova

On January 30, 2012 the International Centre of the Roerichs hosted an evening in commemoration of Svyatoslav Roerich, the illustrious Russian artist, philosopher, naturalist, and humanist. The evening's highlight was the presentation of the Order of Merit IV grade to Lyudmila V. Shaposhnikova, Director General of the Museum named after Nicholas Roerich. The decree «On Conferring State Awards of the Russian Federation» was issued by the President of Russia in