Aleksander Stecenko speaking at meeting of International community March 25, 2017
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Report of the vice-president of the ICR Aleksander Stetsenko at the meeting of the International community (March 25, 2017)

Good day, dear colleagues! Before my report I would like to congratulate all of you. Today is the Day of workers of Culture. This is very significant since culture is in a very difficult situation in our country. Therefore, I congratulate all of you and call for dedicated work for the protection of culture. One very important event took place yesterday, on March 24, 2017. We celebrated the Teachers' Day,
Анатолий Карпов
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Anatoly Karpov: “A War is going on to destroy the Roerich Museum”

Dear participants of the conference, I welcome you here in Moscow, at Nicholas Roerich Museum. We are going through hard times: as you may know, a provocative war has been waging against us for almost three years by the State Museum of Orient Art in order to destroy the Non-Governmental Museum named after Nicholas Roerich and the International Centre of the Roerichs in Moscow. If I only didn’t know that
Press-conference of ICR on 03/09/2017
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Press-Conference at Nicholas Roerich Museum of ICR

On March 9, 2017, in the Museum named after Nicholas Roerich of the ICR held a press conference. The participants of the press conference were provided with the facts, documents and the most complete information on the conduct of the power operation on the territory of the ICR with the participation of representatives of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, the State Museum of Oriental Art and Nicholas