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By Lyudmila Klasanova                                Buddhistdoor Global, 2018-10-24 The Enlightenment Stupa in Moscow, also known as the Three Jewels Stupa, was consecrated on 18 June 2008 on the grounds of Lopoukhin Mansion, where
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A Buddhist stupa is dying in Moscow. How officials ignore the decisions of President Vladimir Putin

The Moscow Buddhists are in despair. For a year now they have not been able to access the Buddhist stupa of the “Three Jewels”, which is located not far from the Kremlin on the territory of
Знамя Мира перед Музеем Рериха

Lyubov Khomenok. Roerichs’ Heritage is Plundered! // Blog “Cont”

Юрий Самодуров

Yuri Samodurov:“Discrimination of the Staff of the Non-Governmental Museum Named after Nicholas Roerich Is Unfair and Illegal!”

Собеседник. Первая ассоциация – с разрушением немцами Ясной Поляны". Что стало с Центром Рерихов

“The first impression with what I saw is the resemblance to the destruction of the Yasnaya Polyana by German Nazis.” What happened to the Center of the Roerichs // “Sobesednik”

The Ministry of Culture nationalized the property of the non-governmental Museum named after Nicholas Roerich // Novye Izvestia

Mikhail Fedotov and Andrei Babushkin visited the Nicholas Roerich Museum building in Moscow, sealed after the “armed capture”

Member of the Human Rights Council Ivan Zasursky witnessed the armed capture of the Nicholas Roerich Museum

Незаконный захват Музея